Lexophile is a game of words.

The whole game is to find the other words that you can make with letters from a single larger word.

This would be easy if I did not include every English word I could find from all over the planet, and I am still adding more as I find them. 

Big words, little words, strange words, and fun words. (Oxford comma!)

The whole point of the game is just to have fun. 

If you look at signs and rearrange the words while driving this game is for you. 

If you are bored with word games that are too easy, this game is for you.

If you just love to learn new words, this game is definitely for you.

No ads, no micro transactions.

This game is just for fun. 

No manipulation,

No coercion.

If you would like to donate to help keep this game going that is great. Contributions are the only in app purchase, its optional.

Need some help with the game? Check out our Lexophile FAQ