How do I play? 

Tap on "Introduction", or a "Chapter" to start a new level. Tap on letters to spell out a word. Tap or Swipe up the word that you made to submit your guess. 

What is the point of this game?

The point of Lexophile is to just have fun. Find the words in small words, and unlock the ability to find words in larger words. That's really it! If you enjoy finding words in words, its perfect for you. If you have ideas for more game modes please feel free to send them to suggestions@peterh.net 

This game is too hard!

Sorry, but that's the point. 

How do I look up definitions?

Just tap and hold on a word. Your device will open up a search in your default web browser.

Hey! The game made too many tabs in my web browser!

We want you to be able to look up words, and we want to make sure that your security settings are being honored. That might mean that a new tab is opened up every time that you look for another word. If you are using safari you can close all open tabs at once by long pressing on the tabs button and selecting "Close All X Tabs". Pretty neat!

Why are you using duckduckgo.com for definition searches?

Mostly because its secure, safe, and we like it! Give it a try, it's a nice website.

But I want to use <insert other search engines name> to look up definitions!

Sorry, but if you want to use the quick search function you are stuck with what we have for now. If demand and contribution support is high enough we will add in a system to let the user choose their search engine.

What do I do if my problem isn't here? 

Give us a shout at support@peterh.net with your problem or bug and we will try to find and squash that problem.