DiceWiz FAQ

Bug alert Dice Sides Setting! On some iPhone models, in settings when you tap on the setting to change the number of Dice Sides, the phone will not display the Done button, so it looks like you are stuck. Just hit the home button, or swipe up to get to the home page and then go back into Dice Wiz to get it back. I will fix it as soon as I figure out what is causing it.

How do I make new dice? Just click on settings. At the top you will see a text field that says Dice Sides. Type in the sides that you want for each die separated by a period. If you want a d4 a d6 and a d20 you would just type in 4.6.20 

Can I make special faces that aren't numbers? Not yet. If people want this you have to let me know. When enough people do, I will add the feature.

What do -H and -L mean? Those refer to "drop the highest" and "drop the lowest" dice. If you are playing DnD think of them as advantage and disadvantage roll modifiers

What is ADX format?  This is the standard dice notation that games have been using for a while. If you want to roll two 6 sided dice you would roll 2d6. If you want to do that and add 4 to the result you would write 2d6+4. If you want to roll 4 6sided dice and 2 37sided dice you would write 4d6 + 2d37.

What about this thing that isn't in the FAQ? Hey! Glad you asked, send us an email at support@peterh.net and we will try to solve your problem. We will probably add your question to the FAQ as well, thanks!